Education of Venezuela

Education of Venezuela
Education Venezuela is very organized and systematic and is provided to all. The basic education is imparted by the primary and secondary schools of Venezuela, the universities allow the students to pursue higher studies.


Schools in Venezuela

There are many important schools in this country, which form an important part of the overall educational system of Venezuela. Basic education in Venezuela is provided to all children in between the age of 6 to 15 free of cost. With a rich and strong economy, Venezuela makes substantial investments in the educational sector. Primary and secondary schools have been established in different parts of the country. At the secondary level, the students study science and humanities and are also prepared for pursuing higher studies. The curricula at both the levels of education are decided carefully to ensure maximum benefit for the students. Some of the important schools, which form the foundation of Venezuela education, are listed below:

* Colegio Internacional de Caracas
* Colegio La Salle La Colina
* Escuela Bella Vista
* Escuela Campo Alegre
* International School of Monagas
* Colegio Belagua
* Colegio Cristo Rey
* Colegio La Fe
* Colegio Repъblica de Venezuela
* IEA - Institutos Educacionales Asociados
* Liceo Camoruco

Universities of Venezuela

The universities are an integral part of education Venezuela. The universities of Venezuela attract large number of international students and offer the best academic facilities to the students. There are a large number of universities in Venezuela, both public and private. Some of the important Venezuela universities are University of Venezuela, Santa Marнa University, Simуn Bolнvar University, University of Caracas, Los Andes University, Open University, and Andrйs Bello Catholic University.