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Political System of Venezuela


The political system of Venezuela is a typical federal republic adopted and followed since the achievement of independence on July 5th 1811. Accordingly, the President is regarded as the head of the state and the present government and is elected for a term of 6 years. Here you will know about the constitutional set up of Venezuela, the tiers of government functioning and the parties - the three integral parts of the political system of Venezuela.


• Constitution of Venezuela---

When Hugo Chavez was first elected as the President of Venezuela, he initiated a reform so as to bring about a radical change which would enhance the social, economic and political development of the country.

 The current constitution was drafted on 1999 by and passed by a popular referendum, replacing the earlier constitution which was made in 1961. Subsequently, the name was changed from "Repъblica de Venezuela" to "Repъblica Bolivariana de Venezuela". This recent constitutional changes emphasize on human rights, development of free education and upholding the inherent Venezuelan traditions, cultures and beliefs.

• Functioning of Venezuelan Government---

The political system of Venezuela is divided into three groups as Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. The executive branch of the government is presided over by the President, who also looks into the appointment of higher posts like the Vice-President, members of the Cabinet and important other members of the National Assembly.

 He is also the decision maker regarding the size and arrangement of the ministers in the cabinet. It's important to note that the legislature of Venezuela is a bicameral legislative assembly, uniformly named as the National Assembly or Asamblea Nacional having 167 seats. 

The sitting members of the house are elected by a popular referendum for a period of 5 year which can be extended to a 2 year term if required. The seats of this legislative assembly is divided and reserved according to the provisions of law. 

Unlike other governments, the judicial system of Venezuela is headed by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, which in official terms is regarded as the highest law court in the country. The magistrates of this court are appointed for a period of 12 year term, though there are lower courts, district courts and municipal courts located at every district.

• Present Political system of Venezuela---

The present political system of Venezuela has undergone significant changes as a result of political turmoil and economic backlashes. It's only the under the able leadership of Hugo Chavez that there has been lot of development activities carried out in the last few years which has made the country prosperous in every sense of the term.