Festivals in Venezuela

Festivals in Venezuela
Festivals in Venezuela bring color and fun to the country and lets the Venezuelans enjoy their culture and heritage. Festivals of Venezuela are celebrated in a grand way by the Venezuelans with high spirit. The country is well decorated and lit up. People spend their holidays during the Festival in Venezuela, with their family and friends.


Important Venezuelan Festivals

The Procession of the Holy Shepherdess

Carnival in Venezuela

La Paradura del Nino

Drumming Feast of St. John

May Cross Celebrations

Festivals in Venezuela, which are completely based on the tradition of the Venezuelans, are enjoyed even in the present day. Festival Venezuela attracts a great number of tourists from all over the world.

Carnival in Venezuela

Carnival in Venezuela is celebrated in the month of February forty days before the Easter Sunday every year. It is one of the most popular festivals in Venezuela. 

Venezuela Carnival is celebrated in the most grand way in the coastal towns and villages than any part of the country. During the Carnival, Venezuela is lit up and decorated. People play with balloons filled with water instead of air and throw them at each other. Carnival of Venezuela continues for four days when people indulge in wearing new outfits. 

El Callao is the best and most popular Carnival in Venezuela. It also attracts a great number of tourists from far and wide. Initiated in 1853, El Callao, which was called as Caratal in the earlier days, is celebrated universally, when people meet their family and friends. 

Carnival in Venezuela is celebrated with music and festivity. Carnival in Venezuela, being the most important of all occasions is celebrated just like Christmas or any other big festival.