Healthcare in Ecuador

Healthcare in Ecuador
Healthcare throughout Ecuador is of a very high standard. Many Doctors and Specialists speak English and treat you so well you could be forgiven for thinking you are living back in the 1950's. Generally a Doctors visit may set you back $20. They even make house calls when necessary. Specialist fees are around $30-$40.


Alternative health care is very acceptable and most General Practitioners are very much in favor of using natural medicines along with pharmaceuticals. They don't have the regulations like the USA FDA.

Minor procedures are also inexpensive and the larger operations dramatically cheaper compared to prices at home. There are a few expats who we know of that have had quite critical operations here in Cuenca and have praised the standard of treatment that they received.

In Cuenca you will find massage and natural therapy doctors along with quite a few natural medicine stores. Pharmaceutical medicines are also so much cheaper compared with that at home.

Cuenca Medical Tourism

Find Health in Ecuador is a personalized medical tourism business located in Cuenca, Ecuador. They are devoted to improving your quality of life by assisting you through every step of your chosen medical procedure and your stay here in Cuenca. They focus on affordability and quality of care with optimal results, while providing a customized experience tailored to your personal needs and goals.

Health Insurance

This seems to be the most asked questions from expats thinking of retiring to Ecuador. "Can I get health insurance"?

Well yes you can and it is affordable but you will find that most expats tend to self insure. The fees for different procedures here are so affordable that many people pay as they go or if you want to you can put some money aside in case you need an emergency procedure.

But if you are seeking health insurance check out these sites. You should be able to find something that is what you are looking for. Alternatively if you do decide to go with an health insurance group in Ecuador and you do not speak Spanish make sure that you have a translator with you who can answer all your questions.