Ecuadorian Beverages

With an abundance of mouthwatering exotic fruits, Ecuador has many delicious (and cheap) fruit juices, or jugos. Popular fruits native to Ecuador include naranjilla, a tangy, orange-colored fruit; tomate de Arbol, a fruity tree-grown tomato with a kick; mora (blackberry); guanabana (soursop), an almost milky, sweet, white fruit; and tangy maracuya (passion fruit). Papaya, pineapple, and mango juices are also widely available. Juices can be ordered with leche (milk) or agua pura (water); when ordering with water, be sure to order it sin hielo (without ice) just in case the ice is made with tap water.


Education in Ecuador

Education in Ecuador is considered as one of the most important issues. The percentage of literacy is very high is the country of Ecuador. The educational infrastructure is very strong there. There are numerous schools and colleges in Ecuador.


Political System of Ecuador

The Republic of Ecuador has a non-interfering legislature and the executive powers are stored in the hands of the government. It is grounded on representative democracy, where the representatives of the people enjoy a good amount of authority, which can be twisted according to the demands of circumstances. The representatives come to power with the help of the majority voting. The President is gifted with a title of being the head of both, government and state.