10 Top Tourist Attractions in Ecuador

Ecuador is a land of rich cultural and historical attractions, all set within a backdrop of natural wonders, with landscapes that range between lush, tropical rainforests and glaciated volcanoes. Whether exploring the exquisite churches of the nation’s capital, Quito, or whether whitewater rafting down pristine tributaries of the great river Amazon, visitors to the nation that straddles the Earth’s equator will come away with great travel memories. Here are the top tourist attractions in Ecuador not to be missed.


Alcoholic Beverages in Ecuador

Most Ecuadorian wines are sweet and made from grape, apple, peach or other fruit; however, some good, dry wines are now being locally produced. The cheapest way to enjoy it is from a cartón (yes, a box) from the local supermarket. Clos is a good brand. Fine wines from Chile, Argentina, France, Spain and Italy are also available.


Overview of Ecuador

Officially name: The Republic of Ecuador

Capital: Quito

Largest city: Guayaquil

Official language: Spanish

Government: Unitary presidential republic