Easter Week Celebrations in Ecuador

In many countries around the world, Easter is celebrated as a religious festival, and while some set aside a weekend, Ecuador has an Easter Week. Each city has its own traditional ways of celebrating this festive period, but its general meaning and celebratory purposes remain the same. Easter Week in Ecuador is celebrated from the 16th to the 23rd of March in 2008 and it is a time where the crucifixion of Christ is remembered and His rising commemorated.


Currency of Ecuador

US Dollar was accepted as the national currency of Ecuador on January, 2000, thereby replacing Sucre, the initial Ecuador Currency. It was nationally adopted in Ecuador from September, 2000.


Religions of Ecuador

Ecuador supports religious freedom, enabling all to worship and attend any religious institutes that they choose to support. People in Ecuador are primarily Roman Catholic, a religion that was introduced into the country when the Spanish took over.