Education in Ecuador

Education in Ecuador
Education in Ecuador is considered as one of the most important issues. The percentage of literacy is very high is the country of Ecuador. The educational infrastructure is very strong there. There are numerous schools and colleges in Ecuador.


The educational systems in Ecuador are very strong. Students who fall under the group of five to fourteen, are supposed to attend the school everyday at any cost. To some extent the public education in Ecuador is free. 

However, according to the ministry of Education in Ecuador, only 10 % of the rural population attends the school level education. On the other hand, about 76 % of the total number of children in Ecuador completes their study till the class six.

 There are total 61 universities in the country of Ecuador. Most of these universities provide the degrees of graduation. The post graduation degrees are also provided by some of the universities. The universities and other educational institutions also provide various types of post-secondary vocational trainings and other types of technical trainings.

In Ecuador education is also available to the lower and disadvantaged classes too. There is no discrimination ion the ground of age, sex and cast in the field education in Ecuador.