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Geography of Slovenia


Slovenia Geography is full of ancient forests, grasslands, orchards and gardens. The topography of Slovenia covers some parts of Alps, Adriatic and Pannonian hills.

Slovenia physical features are varied.There are mountains, forests, orchids, rivers and green plains. The diverse landscape makes the country attractive.


Most of the area of Slovenia is covered by the Alps with sparkling rivers, waterfalls and flora and fauna.

The northern part of Slovenia is covered by the Alps.

More than 54 % of the area is covered by forests in Slovenia.

The Mediterranean part of Slovenia limestone landscapes such as caves, karst sinkholes and swallow holes.

Dinaric is spread over the southern part of Slovenia.

The area is very cool and damp. There are huge forest areas and the Cerknica intermittent lake and Postojna karst cave is located here.

The Pannonian region is the most fertile area in Slovenia. The farmland has beautiful vineyards and thermal and mineral water resources.

Gorenjska in Slovenia spreads from the central to the northern most part of the country.

Gorenjska mainly lies in the Alpine region and Primorska lies in the Mediterranean region. Notranjska feature Mediterranean and Dinaric land features.