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Easter celebrations in Slovenia


Easter celebrations in Slovenia start a week before Easter Sunday, on Palm Sunday. On that day we remember Jesus`s coming to Jerusalem.


People, especially children bring little bundles to church to be blessed. They are made of ivy, heather, coloured wood shavings. Some people add fruit, like oranges or paper flowers.

Children who take bundles to church "earn" sweets and Easter eggs for their good deed.

The real Easter celebration starts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

On Saturday housewives prepare Easter basket with food which they take to church to get blessing from priest.

In the basket there is bread, potica, ham , horse radish and of course Easter eggs. Easter eggs can be coloured with special colour or in cooked in onion peelings.

The basket should be covered with a cloth.

On Easter Sunday most of religious people go to the morning mass and procession. Afterwards they`ve got Easter breakfast.

On Easter Monday we`ve got the day off and we go to visit relatives and friends.

In the past it was a tradition that young men used to visit their sweethearts who gave them an Easter egg.