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Slovakia Attractions - Places to See in Slovakia


Slovakia isn't known as a major global tourist destination, but it should be. After all, there are many interesting Slovakia attractions worth seeing.


For starters, Slovakia has many enchanting castles, the most famous of which is the Bojnice Castle.

Built in the 11th century, the Bojnice Castle houses a collection of antique furniture and other artistic treasures. It is also the site of the annual International Festival of Ghosts and Spooks.

Other castles which make remarkable Slovakia attractions include the Betliar Manor House, which has an impressive library and historical garden, as well as the Castle of Trencin, which offers night tours and medieval exhibits all year round.

Slovakia is popular for its wooden churches, too. In fact, most of its wooden churches have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites for their unique architecture and beautiful interior.

The oldest and best preserved wooden church in Slovakia is the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, which was built in the late 15th century.

Aside from these architectural marvels, zoological gardens and national parks make up some of the best Slovakia attractions, too.

Go hiking on the National Park of High Tatras, the oldest preserved area in Slovakia, or go for a swim in one of its crystal clear alpine lakes. You can catch a glimpse of the chamois here, as well, which is rare and strictly protected in Slovakia.

For a lesson in Slovak culture, make your way to one of the open air museums in Slovakia, such as the Museum of Liptov Village.

Here, you can see samples of folk architecture, such as the village school and the Gothic-Renaissance manor house of Parizovce.

There is a training center for folk arts, as well, where you can learn or observe crafts like basket-weaving and bobbin-lacing.

Do you want to take a break from the stressful demands of work? If so, consider going to Trencianske Teplice after touring the major Slovakia attractions.

Located in the Strazovske Vrchy Mountains, Trencianske Teplice is one of the best spa towns in Slovakia which comes with a long tradition of healing. You can unwind at the Liptovsky Jan, too, which is considered a thermal paradise.

There are many opportunities for fun activities in Slovakia, too, such as skiing, fishing, hang-gliding and horse riding.

These, combined with the spectacular Slovakia attractions, truly make Slovakia one of Europe's best-kept secrets when it comes to great holiday destinations.