Slovak drinks


The Slovak people have a few best-loved drinks including (naturally) beer, wine and traditional Slovak slivovica.


Beer is hugely popular amongst old and young alike.

There is a huge range to choose from and each region produces its own variety.

The most popular Slovak beers include Zlaty Bazant, Corgon, Saris, Smadny mnich or Topvar - bottled or draught.

Wine is a very popular drink in Slovakia.

The grapes from which the wine is made grow in the southern areas of the country.

Tokaj is probably the best-known label.

Slivovica (made from plums) and Borovicka (made from juniper berries) are traditional alcoholic drinks always popular in Slovakia.

Vinea is a traditional soft drink made from grape juice with no aromatic or synthetic colouring additives, stabilized by pasteurization.

Kofola is a traditional Slovak cola drink and is also very popular among Slovak people. In the past kofola was only available draught.

Nowadays you can buy both drinks bottled or draught in bars, pubs and some restaurants.