Holidays in Lithuania

Holidays in Lithuania
Every nation and every country have its traditions, customs and holidays. Lithuanians are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. It has been the law for about centuries not to work on Sunday. On that day people went to the church, spend their time in the family circle, or went visiting their relatives. Holidays in our country are specially, rich and are different in Zhemaitija, Aukshtaitija and Dzookija.


Christmas is a Lithuanian national holiday. On the eve of Christmas people has a family supper, they don't meat, only fish, fruits and berries. Everybody is waiting for Christ to be born.

Some people enjoy themselves on the new year's day. On the eve of New Year they have a party at home, or go the restaurants, visit their friends. The New Year tree is decorated for the Christmas or New Year.

The day of Lithuanian's independence is on the 16 of February. Since 1928 Lithuanian's people marks this day every year by paying tribute to those who gave their lives for the people's happiness.

For many years after World War the second this holiday was forbidden. Since 1989 it again becomes the national wide holiday in your country. It's a non-working day. The 11 of March is also a very important day for your country.

Mother's Day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of May. The member of family honour mother giving flowers, presents to her on that day.

The 1st of November is day of commemorating the dead usually on All Saints Day. People lay flowers on dear people and honour their memory by observing a minute's silence.

In spring we celebrate the Easter Day. The tradition of Easter Day is to colour eggs for Easter table.

There are some other holidays in Lithuania, but I tried to discuss the most popular.