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New Year in Lithuania


New Year in Lithuania is celebrated with much pomp and splendor. The major cities of Lithuania including Vilnius, Palanga and Klaipeda celebrate New Year in Lithuania in high spirit of merrymaking. One of the major festivals and events celebrated in Lithuania is New Year.


Vilnius takes up a whole new character during the New Year celebrations in Lithuania. The streets of the capital city of Vilnius are decorated with colorful lights. Millions of people throng the streets to indulge in unrestrained merrymaking.

New Year in Lithuania sees groups of people thronging the area around the television tower. A Christmas tree is exquisitely decorated and kept in this area.

People from far off land visit Lithuania to see this Christmas tree during New Year in Lithuania.

The center of the city also sports a colorful look with a magnificently decorated Christmas tree.

Many gather at the ideally located concert and sports halls, to indulge in revelry during New Year in Lithuania.

The New Year celebrations here are attended by the President every year near the Television tower. The president raises a toast with his champagne glass to address every one in the country.

He wishes all a happy new year to all the people in the country. The first ceremonial fire is lit on Gediminas hill by a laser to greet the New Year in Lithuania.

One of the colorful festivals in Lithuania, New Year is marked by fireworks at night. Fireworks illuminate Lithuania thrice. These fireworks light up the Gediminas hill, the castle and the City hall.

New Year in Lithuania is celebrated wholeheartedly and in a unique way in a bus. The locals of Vilnius enjoy during the New Year in Lithuania not only on the streets, town squares, restaurants and bars, but also on busses and on trolleys.

Many families in the capital city ride the trolleys throughout the city and wish anyone as the trolleys pass by. You can best indulge in celebrations during the New Year in Lithuania along the Kosciusko Street, to see the fireworks. Visit Lithuania on New Year’s eve and make the most of your Lithuania tours.