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Sightseeing in Lithuania


Sightseeing in Lithuania is one of the main activities, which you can include in your trip to Lithuania. There are a number of famous places in Lithuania, that it may be difficult for you to choose where to start from. However, the capital of the country, Vilnius is the place, where all the actions start from.


Apart from Vilnius, there are many small and large cities, which are famous for their beautiful sights and historical significance. Read on…

Kryziø Kalnas: Kryziø Kalnas, also known as the Hill of Crosses, is national pilgrimage center in the country. This place is located near the industrial hub in Lithuania, Siauliai. It takes only half an hour to reach Kryziø Kalnas from the city of Siauliai.

This is a place of historical importance, since you can see a number of Soviet monuments and buildings in this area. Apart from that, this place was also famous as a Soviet operational hub.

Plokðtinë Nuclear Missile Launch Site: This is a historical place, which is a must-visit for sightseeing in Lithuania.

Þemaitija National Park, which used to be a ground for Soviet secret activities, is now converted to a missile launch center. You can hire a guide to visit this properly. You can see the base in every two hours.

Kedainiai: Kedainiai is an old city, which is located at the center of the country. During the 16 TH century, this place had been a center of Reformation of church for the Lithuanians.

Famous for its multicultural background, this city was touched by a number of cultures such as Germany, Scottish, Russian, and Jewish.

The multicultural flavor is very strong in the architecture as well as history. Kedainiai is located at exactly the center in the country.

Druskininkai: Famous for its mineral waters, Druskininkai houses one of the best spas in the country.

Apart from that, there is one of the best resorts in the region, which is famous for its beautiful natural surroundings.

This resort is covered with beautiful sculptures, lakes, flowers, and parks. There are also some biking scope, if you want to enjoy some adventure sports at the natural background. Recently built Aqua park is considered the best water park in entire Europe.

Grutas: Grutas is famous as the park of soviet sculptures, and for this reason, is it also fondly called Museum of Soviet sculptures. This park is built in the year of 2001. There are a number of Soviet sculptures in the park.

Apart from the soviet sculptures, you will also find a separate territory, which is entirely dedicated to Soviet culture.

In this territory, you can find a small museum of Soviet articles, A Soviet picture gallery, a Soviet style library, a small zoo, a playground for the children, and a Soviet bar. This park is one of the most popular places in Lithuania, which is crowed by both locals and foreign travelers everyday.

Nida: Nida is a calm and quiet village in Lithuania, which is also famous for adventures sports in Lithuania.

You can enjoy a number of adventure sports in the long white sandy beaches in this village. Apart from these, Nida is also popular destination for the wooden architecture.

Nida offers an all in all holiday package in Lithuania, because it has amazing natural sights and opportunities for an adventure holiday in Lithuania.

Orvydai: Orvydai is also fondly called as the park of national symbols. This is an artificial park, which was built by Orvydas, a professional sculptor. This park is full of sculptures, wooden carvings, small houses, and stone patterns, which bear the true Lithuanian culture and art.

Palanga: Palanga is considered as the summer capital in Lithuania, and for this reason a must-include in the sightseeing in Lithuania. This place houses a number of museums, church, palace, and sea beaches. Apart from these, there are a number of refreshment centers such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and resorts.