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Culture of Liechtenstein


Art and culture are everywhere in Liechtenstein. The art collections of the Prince are certainly one of the greatest attractions. But also galleries, theater, cinema, and concerts will touch all your senses.


Liechtenstein offers a variety of exciting theme and nature trails like the Walser legends trail, the historical high-altitude trail and many more to discover. Take a journey to explore the nature, culture, art and history of Liechtenstein.

Vaduz Castle. Visible from far and wide yet so close you could almost touch it, the emblem of Liechtenstein towers over Vaduz on a rock terrace which can be reached along a romantic footpath.

Gutemberg Castle. Magical and mysterious, and free standing on all sides, Gutenberg Castle - the emblem of Balzers - towers over the village and community of Balzers on a 70 meter high spur of rock.

Liechtenstein National Museum.In the 42 exhibition rooms of the National Museum, Liechtenstein national treasures are open to detailed exploration. Whether cultural history, national history, or natural history.

Red House. An emblem of the capital, the Red House in Vaduz consists of a late medieval gabled stairs structure. Its tower can be seen from far and wide.

Schellenberg Ruins. Historical evidence indicates that the village of Schellenberg has been continuously inhabited ever since ca. 3,000 BC. This is due to its secure location at high altitude above the Rheintal valley.

Kirchhügel in Bendern. From a historical perspective the Schwurplatz (oath square) on the Kirchhügel (church hill) in Bendern symbolises the start of present-day Liechtenstein.