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Sightseeing in Liechtenstein


From museums to adventure sports like hiking; sightseeing in Liechtenstein offers great surprise for all. Europe's smallest country boasts of offering some of the most amazing spots worth visiting. Here are the most famous places in Liechtenstein -


Liechtenstein sightseeing spots

Tourotel Gaflei - Enjoy your hiking trail while you plan your sightseeing in Liechtenstein. You can not only take pleasure of the adventure sports but, can also relax in the Alpine meadows. One of the highest peaks is the Drei Schwestern which is 6,969 feet.

Triesen - On your European tour you would love to visit the religious sites in Liechtenstein. This small village features ancient homes, chapels and cathedrals.

One of the interesting parts of this spot is that you can indulge into some really exciting adventure sports like - hiking, climbing and trekking. And the main adventure sports spots are - Rappenstein, Lavens and Falkins Hills.

State Art Gallery - This Art Gallery is located in Vaduz and is found inside the Englishmen's Building.

The gallery has different levels and each displays various art works and paintings.

The first level features temporary art pieces and the second level has more of permanent exhibitions. Some of the really famous artifacts are from Breugel and Rubens.

Vaduz Castle - One of the prime Liechtenstein sightseeing spots is the Vaduz castle. It is a medieval fortress which was established in the 16th century. You can find the earliest mention of this fort in few of the documents.

Wildschloss - On your sightseeing in Liechtenstein you would surely love this spot in Vaduz. It is one of the ancient towers and the height of this tower is 2,756 feet. You can see the ruins of this site as, most of the tower areas are damaged.

Make your stay in the near by lodges and get refreshed in the restaurants.

Gutenberg castle - One of the historical spots in Liechtenstein is the Gutenberg castle which was built in the 12th century. It is located in Balzer's and the height of the castle is 1,562 feet.

This is one of the famous places in Liechtenstein and features two chapels - Saint Peter Chapel and the Mariahilf Church. Other than this it also has a museum which displays one of the best art works and art pieces of Liechtenstein.

Nendlen - Amongst other prime attractions of Liechtenstein is the Nendlen. It is situated in the northern part of Schaan, which is one of the major regions of Liechtenstein. This tiny town prides in several interesting site for visitors

One of the pristine tourist's attractions is the Holy Cross Chapel and the prebend house. And, other than this you can also witness the Rotenberg which was considered the center of criminals in the early times.

Triesenberg - This is small village located in the Samina Valley. It features the most beautiful resorts and rejuvenating spots like, spas and beauty salons. On your sightseeing in Liechtenstein don't miss the most popular museums and adventure sports places in Triesenberg.

Sightseeing in Lichtenstein can be really interesting if, you plan our trip wisely. Hope you feel the thrill and indulge into some real fun on your visit to this small country of Europe.