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Vaduz- capital of Liechtenstein


Over the past few years Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, has become more and more the center of the whole region, and houses not just the Parliament but has been the residence of the Prince since 1938. Vaduz was first mentioned in documents in 1150.


The name Vaduz comes from the rhetoromanch language and dates back to times when the Romans ruled over the province of Rhetia.

The lively capital with the new pedestrian zone invites visitors to relax in one of the cozy street cafés and offers a multitude of cultural attractions such as Vaduz Castle, the cathedral, the government building (Regierungsgebäude), the town hall (Rathaus), the National Art Museum of Liechtenstein, the “Red House” (Rotes Haus), and the vineyards and court cellars.

In summer, music and cultural festivals take place in the city center (called Städtle): Vaduz film festival, “Städtle-Summer”, “Winzerfest”, etc.

The national holiday, on August 15th, is the highlight of festivities when Liechtenstein celebrates its national day with the Princely Family and visitors from abroad.

A city tour of Vaduz allows you to explore a city in transitions. It retains its old world charm and at the same time is becoming a modern center for the country.