Holidays in Liechtenstein

Holidays in Liechtenstein
There are various options of having a nice, fun filled holidays in Liechtenstein. It is doubly landlocked alpine country located in the western part of Europe.


The country is well known for its natural geographical landscapes. The tourism of Liechtenstein is mainly based on eco tourism at the various spots natural interest in the country.

So, holidays in Liechtenstein is a very fascinating experience indeed. Tourists all over the world plans for holidays in Liechtenstein mainly due to the natural resources and enchanting traditional practices of this country. It is great to explore through the beaten paths of the land.

The tradition and culture of Liechtenstein is fascinating indeed. It is quiet possible to discover them from the various festivals and events in Liechtenstein.

There is an array of festivals taking place in this country, some of them are common ones, prevalent in the rest of the world, like the Christmas in Liechtenstein, but there are few which are endemic to the particular region.

The main Liechtenstein Holidays consists of the Corpus Christy, Nativity of our Lady Day, The Ascension of Jesus, The Immaculate Conception Day , Whit Monday and many more Christian holidays, as the country is largely Catholic.

Whit Monday: This is an important holiday in Liechtenstein. This holiday is celebrated after the day of the Pentacost , which is a feast, that can be shifted to different days and an important day in the Christian Calender. The date of the holiday is determined by the date of the Easter.

Corpus Christy: This is a Christian feast celebrated in honor of the Holy Eucharist. The date of the holiday generally falls on the Thursday following the Trinity Sunday. Therefore it is also known as Holy Thursday.

Nativity of Our Lady: The day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Virgin Mary.

Ascension: This day is also of immense importance in the Liechtenstein calender as it marks the ascension of Jesus Christ.

Christmas and New Year: Like other countries all over the world, Christmas and New year is celebrated with extreme ecstasy in Liechtenstein. These festivals mark family meets, get together, sumptuous dining, day outs and lots of fun and laughter.

Therefore the overall list of holidays in Liechtenstein include:

1 Jan New Year's Day.

6 Jan Epiphany.

2 Feb Candlemas.

19 Mar Feast of St Joseph.

24 Mar Easter Monday.

1 May Labour Day.

1 May Ascension.

12 May Whit Monday.

22 May Corpus Christi.

15 Aug Assumption.

8 Sep Nativity of Our Lady.

1 Nov All Saints' Day.

8 Dec Immaculate Conception.

25 Dec Christmas Day.

26 Dec St Stephen's Day.

So, enjoy the various holidays in Liechtenstein!