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Rivers of France


France has beautiful land. It has lush green forests, sparkling rivers, and mountains. The highest point is on Mount Blanc, the mountain range that runs across the border of France and Italy. Mount Blanc rises 15,771 feet at its highest point in the French Alps.


The longest river is Loire River. The Loire River is 634 miles long. It begins 85 miles north of the Mediterranean Sea, and flows north for about 300 miles.

France has three main rivers – the Seine, the Loire, and the Rhone.

The Seine River is in northeast France. It starts its 485-mile northwest journey running through Pairs, and empties into the English Channel. It is the second longest river in France. Next is the Loire River.

The Loire River is the longest river in France, at 634 miles long. It gets water from melting snow from the mountaintops, and it flows through the Paris Basin and coastal plain. Last is the Rhone River.

The Rhone River flows from the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean Sea. It divides into two branches about 25 miles before flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.

The Grand Rhone runs southeast, and the Petit Rhone runs southwest. The total length of the Rhone River is a little more than 500 miles.

France has beautiful land, mountains, and rivers. It has coastal water on the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel.

The countries of Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain also surround France, and across the English Channel is the United Kingdom.