Climate of France

Climate of France
With the exception of the mountainous regions and Alsace (northeast), France’s climate is generally temperate.

Brittany in the northwest is profoundly affected by the Atlantic, which makes it an often windy, rainy region. Because of its continental climate, Alsace sees hot summers with rain in June and July, and snowy winters.


Paris lies between Brittany and Alsace, its climate is affected by both those regions’ climates. Although Paris receives the least rain in the nation, downpours can occur at various times of the year.

Paris’ average temperature is in the 50’s F (12 C), but the city may have freezing temperatures in January and scorching ones in August.

The south of France has hot, dry summers, mild frostless winters and brief and sudden downpours in spring and fall.

About 100 days per year, especially in spring, a cold dry wind blows down the Rhône Valley into the south of France.