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Famous Places to visit in Georgia


Sovereign state of Georgia is situated in Eurasia, in the Caucasus region. Georgia lies at the juncture of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.


There are many famous places in Georgia and the country's culture and heritage is a clear reference of colonial rule. Georgia being one of the most beautiful countries, there are many tourist attractions and famous places in Georgia. A few of them are mentioned below.


The capital city is one of the famous places in Georgia. Tbilisi has a humid subtropical climate, which makes it a tourist's favorite.

As Tbilisi has a sports history, you can indulge yourself in a lot of activities. The districts of Saburtalo and Didube are famous for sports.

In Tbilisi you can enjoy a lot of sports like horse riding or polo, wrestling, volleyball and boxing. There are many sports club in Tbilisi and famous sports in Tbilisi are basketball, tennis, wrestling, water polo, football and swimming.

Sameba Cathedral is another famous place which you can visit in Tbilisi. It is one of the largest monument and architectural glories in the South Caucasus Region.

Other places of interest in Tbilisi are:

Metro services in Tbilisi
Supreme Court of Georgia
Tbilisi Opera and Ballet thetre


Among many famous places in Georgia, Metekhi is another. Metekhi is referred as the historic district which you must see.

Metekhi is the only district which was the earliest inhabited place in the whole city. There is a church in the district which reflects the medieval structure and style. The church was built by Demetruis II

Freedom Square

Freedom Square was formerly known as Erivan Square and is situated in Tbilisi and is a major attraction.

It has the Freedom Monument which is also known as St.George Statue, right in the center. Freedom Square was an important site for many demonstrations.


Narikela is one of the famous places in Georgia. Narikela is basically coconut. The first sapling of coconut tree was planted here and that is why it was named Narikela to remind people of the incident. Coconut is used as an important prop in Hindu rituals and ceremonies.

Anchiskhati Basilicia

Anchiskhati Basilicia is the oldest existing church in Tbilisi. The church dates back to sixth century and belongs to the Georgian Orthodox Church. The Anchiskhati Basilicia has a number of paintings which dates back to 19th century.

Cities in Georgia

Apart from the capital city of Tbilisi and famous places in Georgia, there are a number of cities in Georgia which you can visit.

They are mentioned below:


Fauna in Georgia

Due to low altitude and high landscape diversity, you will find a lot of animals in Georgia. You can find a lot of carnivores, invertebrates and non-marine mollusks. You can also find vertebrates which include birds, reptiles, fishes and amphibians.

When to visit Georgia?

Georgia experiences diverse climate even though it is a pretty small nation. Generally there are two main climatic zones which separate the Western part from the Eastern part.

In the Western region you will find humid subtropical kind of climate and in the Eastern region, it varies from humid subtropical to continental.