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Easter in Georgia


Easter is the most important holiday for Orthodox Christians. The week before Easter is called Passion Week. This is when special services are conducted in almost every church in Georgia, but most particular days are PASSION THURSDAY and GOOD FRIDAY.


Several days starting from Easter Sunday greet each other saying the following phrase „ქრისტე აღსდგა“(kriste agsdga) to which the response is „ჭეშმარიტად“ (tcheshmaritad) – “Christ had risen” and “Indeed” in English.

Normally, the most devout Orthodox Christians go to church the night before Easter and stay at the church until late the next morning when a supra is laid out for breaking the fast.

Two important elements of Easter preparation are dying eggs red on Good Friday and baking Easter Bread, Paska.

Eggs are smashed on Easter morning, and a candle is usually lit on the Paska during the first meal of Easter Sunday.