Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Cambodia

Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Cambodia
Fruit drinks are plentiful and delicious but often risky from a health point of view. Sometimes they are served in plastic bags. Squeezed sugar cane and fresh coconut water are also widely available and good. Fresh coconuts are refreshing and hygienic. Don't let the vendor pour it into a glass, which may be unclean.


Soft drinks such as Coke, Pepsi, Orange Crush and Fanta are also available. Locally produced mineral water is available at 500r to 700r per bottle. Coffee is sold in most restaurants. It is either served black or with generous dollops of condensed milk, which makes it very sweet.

You can find excellent fruit smoothies all over the country, known locally as a tikalok. Just look out for a stall with fruit and a blender and point to the flavors you want. Keep an eye on the preparatory stages or you may end up with heaps of sugar and a frothy egg. On a hot day you may be tempted by the stuff in Fanta bottles on the side of the road. Think again, as it is actually petrol (gas). Chinese-style tea is popular and in many Khmer and Chinese restaurants a pot of it will automatically appear as soon as you sit down.

Palm Juice is a traditional Cambodian drink. Research show that’s the fresh palm juice contains Vitamins B, C, D and full of minerals. To protect palm trees as a Cambodian symbol, Confirel Co., Ltd processed palm juice into many products such as palm wine, sour palm juice and palm sugar. The products were well organized and packed especially was very popular for local and international buyers.