Christmas Celebrations in Azerbaijan

Christmas Celebrations in Azerbaijan
Come and enjoy Christmas in Azerbaijan which will be a treasured moment for you and your near and dear ones. Christmas in Azerbaijan is a must-see for the tourists paying a visit to beautiful country of Azerbaijan.


Christmas in Azerbaijan is mainly celebrated by the Christians residing in the country. Christmas is organized annually as it is followed in other parts of the world. The festival of Christmas is celebrated because of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

The residents of the country of Azerbaijan wait for the whole year to celebrate and take part in the celebrations of Christmas in Azerbaijan. As part of Christmas celebrations in Azerbaijan, people start decorating their houses much in advance.

Nowadays, people ornate their homes with various kinds of holly wreaths candles, stars and also various kinds of colorful ribbons. Christmas in Azerbaijan also include making the Christmas Tree.

People ornate Christmas Tree with various kinds of lights and plastic stars. Plastic Christmas tree has also come into being.

The Christmas tree is decorated with various kinds of artificial colorful lights to make the Christmas tree more decorative.

The streets of Azerbaijan are lit up with various kinds of lights. Youth and the adults take part in the Christmas celebrations will complete zeal and enthusiasm.

During the Christmas Eve in Azerbaijan, children write letters to Santa Clause mentioning about the gifts they want from him. They also hang stocking for Santa Clause to keep the gifts in it. The parents on the Christmas Eve go the markets to buy presents for their kids.

On the day of Christmas in Azerbaijan, kids wake up early in morning to see, if Santa Clause has keep gifts for them. Finding their gifts in the stocking their happiness knew no bounds. Moreover, on Christmas day in Azerbaijan people visit the churches and offer prayer to Jesus Christ.

Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner parties are arranged as a part of Christmas in Azerbaijan. Various kinds of mouth-watering dishes including cakes and pastries are served to the guests during the parties.

People gift their friends and relatives with various kinds of presents like flowers and chocolates.

Baku in Azerbaijanis is known for its Christmas celebrations. Thus, Christmas in Azerbaijan is full of merriment.