Azerbaijan's Political System

The government of the Republic of Azerbaijan is based on the principles of separation of power. In line with the traditional concept of separation of power, the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan determines that the executive power is held by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the legislative power is carried out by the Parliament (Milli Majlis), and the judicial power is held by independent courts, the Constitutional Court being the highest court of Azerbaijan.


Top 10 Attractions in Azerbaijan

1.Old City of Baku

One of the most popular historic places situated in Azerbaijan's capital, is the district known as the Old town of Baku, located on the shore of the Caspian Sea. It is well separated from the rest of the city with remains of old fortifications, the most important of which is Maiden Tower.


Education system in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan may not be country which is known as popular destination for international students but it can certainly be one with a considerably good educational system and literacy rate more than 98 %.