Overview of Azerbaijan

Officially name: The Republic of Azerbaijan

Capital: Baku

Largest city: Baku

Official language: Azerbaijani

Government: Presidential republic


Administrative divisions of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is divided into: 59 districts (rayonlar; sing.– rayon), 11 cities (şəhərlər; sing.– şəhər), 1 autonomous republic (muxtar respublika), which itself contains: 7 districts, 1 city.


Azerbaijan's Political System

The government of the Republic of Azerbaijan is based on the principles of separation of power. In line with the traditional concept of separation of power, the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan determines that the executive power is held by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the legislative power is carried out by the Parliament (Milli Majlis), and the judicial power is held by independent courts, the Constitutional Court being the highest court of Azerbaijan.