Easter in Hong Kong

Easter in Hong Kong
A diverse community and a tolerant soul award Hong Kong quite a few public holidays, with Buddhist, Christian, Confucian, traditional Chinese and Western holidays all celebrated.


One of the biggest festivals marked by the city’s more than 800,000 Christians is Easter, many of them crowding in to attend special services at Hong Kong’s churches.

Regardless of faith however, the entire population looks forward to this long-weekend break.

Restaurants offer special holiday menus during this time, and if you want to feast on a few chocolate bunnies, just hop into one of the city’s many bakeries.

If you are a tourist visiting at that time, you might be surprised about the extent of the celebrations. A place for tourists to go for services might be St. Andrews Church on the tourist popular Golden Mile section of Nathan Road near the harbor. It is renowned for its architecture and friendly atmosphere.

Easter Monday, the day after Easter, and Easter Sunday are public holidays in Hong Kong. The banks, the post office and the government departments will be closed. Some of the museums, theme parks and other attractions may have different hours.