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Vestiges of historical Dubai

The Dubai that graces guidebook covers is easy to find. From its skyscraping towers to its bustling malls, the city can feel like a westernized, futuristic introduction to the Middle East. European imports pop up as plentifully as construction cranes, and 80% of the population is comprised of expatriates from more than 150 nations. But as the city focuses on sustaining growth, it has made preserving its historical sites a priority. Vestiges of pre-1970s Dubai, then an unassuming port of call famous for its pearls, can still be found, hidden amid the modern towers and flashing lights. This juxtaposition of the ancient and hyper-new creates a window into how modern Dubai has taken shape and provides an opportunity to learn about Arabic cultures in one of the region's most open environments.

6 Essential Items for a Successful Vacation

No one knows more about sidestepping vacation aggravation than the world`s most traveled people, whose combined journeys total 12 million miles. Here, six items these veterans won`t leave home without, from a device that may have saved one man`s life to a household item that`s the key to a comfortable flight.

Secret Hotels of Paris

In a city known more for romance than thrift, there are still hotels that combine the best of both. Here are six blessedly under-the-radar options—spread across some of the city's most charming arrondissements—all for well under $200 a night.

How to choose a seat on a plane

Choosing a seat on an airplane isn't just about legroom. Nowadays you have to think space, noise and whether paying a premium is worth it.
Choosing a seat on an airplane isn't just about legroom anymore. New "selection" fees and extra charges to sit in certain locations in the aircraft have complicated the process.

37 Secrets of the Caribbean

From swish $80 suites in the Grenadines to Jamaica`s own gondola rides, the Caribbean is full of surprises this season. The biggest shock? What you`ll end up paying. Budget Travel editors hunt out the best bargains this season.

Leh Ladakh Tourism Begins With a Leh Tour

Numerous Buddhist monuments, monasteries and study centers s Leh, the land of lamas (Buddhist monks), serves as the capital of the snow desert Ladakh. The city is picturesquely nestled by the Karakoram and the Himalayan ranges. Leh valley is that it draws tourists from all over the world to the amazing scenery alongside the Indus river. The city, at 3505 m from sea level, is dotted with a number of ancient Buddhist monuments, which still retain the age old Buddhist traditions and practices.

The best places to get married

A selection of the best places to tie the knot, from the giddy heights of romance to the places known for commitment.

Top 10 Cities for Shopaholics

If your heart starts palpitating at the mere sight of a 'sale' sign, or if you've been known to elbow other shoppers out of the way for getting between you and those must-have boots, this list is for you. We've rounded up the world's 10 best cities for shopaholics for those of you who plan your vacations with retail therapy built in s whether you're in the market for high fashion, fancy baubles, or even an unusual pet, we've got a destination for you. So pay off some credit card debt and hit the road s but don't blame us when the bills come in.

Ayurveda and Spa Tourism

With the kind of lifestyle most people lead today, stress and tension have become increasingly predominant. The modern system of medication has only partly served the purpose of alleviating the problems of people. Amidst such circumstances, the ancient system of healing has resurfaced as an immensely popular means to cure a whole lot of modern problems. Herbal treatment, yoga & meditation, steam bath and massage therapies have proved their credence time and again as effective means to treat the problem of the people.

Five great European cities for Christmas markets

Picture the glow of medieval squares illuminated by thousands of sparkling lights. Imagine gingerbread-style stalls where artisans offer traditional crafts that threaten to banish gifts of boring neckties and fruitcakes for eternity. Marvel at iPod-toting children falling under the spell of low-tech charms like wooden toys, ice rinks and vintage merry-go-rounds.

Top 10 unusual winter sports

There is more to winter travel than skiing and snowboarding. Nontraditional winter sports and activities have sprouted up all over the world, catering to adventurers who crave new ways to get their adrenaline pumping.

Lonely Planet's top 10 Argentina for first-timers

Round up the best of Argentina s the wine, the fishing, the tango, the mountaineering, the skiing, the literature, the beef, the architecture, the clubbing s and you have the building blocks for one of the most exciting journeys you will ever take. No joke. While so many things in Argentina are exciting, some things are better defined as mind blowing. We have cobbled together a collection of the latter. Put as many on your 'To Do' list as possible.

Romantic winters of New York

The Big Apple is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world s second only to Paris, perhaps s but how do you induce romance in the snow-piled slippery streets of winter?