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A royal honeymoon in the Seychelles

After months of secrecy, the news of where Prince William and Kate would spend their honeymoon finally leaked this week. Sources say the royal newlyweds are currently in the Seychelles for a 10-day trip.

St Petersburg goes back to the future

Achingly beautiful St Petersburg, with its baroque palaces and sweeping broad boulevards, seemed immune from the sweeping tides of change remaking the architectural and cultural character of Moscow.

Daily deal: Six days in the Dominican

A wellness vacation doesn't have to mean rigorous exercise and extreme dieting.

Living in: Vancouver

A shining city of towers and islands, surrounded by beaches and backed by snow-capped mountains, Vancouver is a young city with one ear tuned to the call of the wild and the other to the future.

The 10 best treks in the world

These 10 classic treks are for serious walkers. All of them require a sturdy pair of lungs, fit legs and a good amount of preparation. However, all of these trails offer experiences that last a lifetime. In no particular order:

Cities that define our time

Cities are chameleonic; their fortunes ebb and flow with the tide of history. Those etched in legend are the ones that have plugged successfully into the zeitgeist of the times and thrown up something culture-defining. Consider Caesar's Rome, Moorish Granada, Gaudi's Barcelona, or Haussmann's Paris.

Exotic and Oriental Vacation Spot For Tourism in Thailand (Bangkok)

Bangkok is a city of diversity and also is an amazing city for people who come to visit this capital of Thailand. There the modern and sophisticated office buildings, Star hotels and malls those are scattered all across the city of Bangkok, there are about 400 heritage cultural temples in this beautiful city. These temples to some may seem to be a little out of place in a modern and fully developed city like Bangkok, which is pretty contrasting in style with the modernity of urban life seen in most western countries, but they are so amazingly lovely that you keep looking at them in awe. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand has been an ideal choice as a vacation spot, especially for foreigners since many decades.

Online Services Have Shaped Tourism Globally

The Internet has permeated virtually every aspect of our lives. We shop, learn, work, communicate, make friends, meet spouses and even bank online. There's nothing that we can't do over the Internet, from planning our wedding to planning a holiday, all the tools you need are available at the touch of a button, or click of a mouse.

US visa dreams dashed by "glitch"

The US state department has apologised to thousands of would-be immigrants who were mistakenly informed they were on their way to obtaining a US visa.

Owing to a computer glitch the results of a green card visa lottery on 1 May have been ruled invalid, it said in a statement.

Business Trip: New York

To an enviable number of CEOs and Forbes-listed elites, personal concierge Katherine Stromsland is a veritable lifesaver. From chartering Gulf Streams at any given moment to shopping for 60 relatives and friends, this svelte Nordic-Italian New Yorker makes it her mission to lighten the load of the asset-rich, time-poor.

Vestiges of historical Dubai

The Dubai that graces guidebook covers is easy to find. From its skyscraping towers to its bustling malls, the city can feel like a westernized, futuristic introduction to the Middle East. European imports pop up as plentifully as construction cranes, and 80% of the population is comprised of expatriates from more than 150 nations. But as the city focuses on sustaining growth, it has made preserving its historical sites a priority. Vestiges of pre-1970s Dubai, then an unassuming port of call famous for its pearls, can still be found, hidden amid the modern towers and flashing lights. This juxtaposition of the ancient and hyper-new creates a window into how modern Dubai has taken shape and provides an opportunity to learn about Arabic cultures in one of the region's most open environments.

6 Essential Items for a Successful Vacation

No one knows more about sidestepping vacation aggravation than the world`s most traveled people, whose combined journeys total 12 million miles. Here, six items these veterans won`t leave home without, from a device that may have saved one man`s life to a household item that`s the key to a comfortable flight.

Secret Hotels of Paris

In a city known more for romance than thrift, there are still hotels that combine the best of both. Here are six blessedly under-the-radar options—spread across some of the city's most charming arrondissements—all for well under $200 a night.

How to choose a seat on a plane

Choosing a seat on an airplane isn't just about legroom. Nowadays you have to think space, noise and whether paying a premium is worth it.
Choosing a seat on an airplane isn't just about legroom anymore. New "selection" fees and extra charges to sit in certain locations in the aircraft have complicated the process.