Bangkok is a city of diversity and also is an amazing city for people who come to visit this capital of Thailand. There the modern and sophisticated office buildings, Star hotels and malls those are scattered all across the city of Bangkok, there are about 400 heritage cultural temples in this beautiful city. These temples to some may seem to be a little out of place in a modern and fully developed city like Bangkok, which is pretty contrasting in style with the modernity of urban life seen in most western countries, but they are so amazingly lovely that you keep looking at them in awe. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand has been an ideal choice as a vacation spot, especially for foreigners since many decades.

When you are walking on the streets and footpaths of Bangkok, you will see local citizens dressed up in modern business attires that you see in most of the western world, you will also come across the Buddhist monks wearing traditional saffron colored robes as well. Such cultural diversity is what makes Bangkok, the capital of Thailand so different. It has become an ideal vacation spot for people from across the world because of its blend of tradition, modernity and cultural diversity.

As is the case with other big cities in Asia, Bangkok too is congested with traffic and people everywhere because of the huge population density. The sultry and hot tropical weather keeps most of Thailand at an average temperature of around 28 degrees Celsius annually which is around 83 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the summers ,the high humidity levels can make you feel more warmer. During the monsoons, the weather is still warm, but heavy rains can bring down the temperature.

The local people are well aware of the importance of foreign tourists and they cleverly try to hustle and convince the foreign tourists for taking their package tour when they are on a business visit. The local people are very warm and courteous and you'll find that many of the people in Thailand are very polite and are good in behavior.

The charges for taxis a bit high wherever you want to go, be it to the temple of the Golden Buddha, The Reclining Buddha or to have some experience of nightlife that has made Bangkok a favorite vacation spot for tourists who visit Thailand. In fact there are many tourists who visit Bangkok to indulge in the sexual services like massages offered by stunningly beautiful young women providing relaxation therapy to their clients for a price. In fact Bangkok is known as the sex capital of the world which once again made this city a much sought after vacation spot for the tourists.

Bangkok is worth exploring for a week or so, after which you can travel to some of the other beautiful vacation spots in Thailand like the Pattaya beach which is approximately a two hour drive from the airport area and then to Phuket, which is also famous for its golden beaches and ancient temples. Bangkok, being the capital of Thailand also offers excellent air connectivity to a majority of the other Asian destinations, which makes this city a great vacation spot in a central location.

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