Wedding traditions of the different countries

Moldavian marriage

Moldavian marriage is a bouquet of traditions and culture. People sit together and are served with food and wine.Traditional dances also take place.

Maltese Wedding Traditions

Canada hosts many races of people among them are the Maltese. These people from the republic of Malta reside in Canada because of migration that took place in the mid-nineteenth century when Malta was a British colony.

Macedonian Wedding Traditions

Galicnik, which extends on the falls of mount Bistra is found 110 km away from the capital city of Macedonia. Each year Galicnik hosts a traditional Macedonian wedding in the beginning of July.

Wedding Traditions in Lithuania

Lithuania is an old country with wedding traditions that stretch back hundreds of years. Over the centuries weddings traditions and customs in Lithuania have evolved very slowly, with one thing remaining constant: the overriding importance of family. Many of the traditions practiced today have deep roots that are easily traced to customs and traditions from long ago.

Weddings in China

Chinese weddings were, and still are very important ceremonies as the Chinese regard marriage as one of the three most important events (the others being birth and death) in a person’s life.

Wedding in Kyrgyzstan

As everywhere in the world, weddings tend to be big and joyous affairs.

Kazakh Wedding Traditions

While there are over a hundred ethnicities living in Kazakhstan, this post will only describe the wedding traditions of the Kazakhs themselves.

Marriage in Jordan

Getting married and having children are top priorities. Most marriages are arranged by the father of the bride. Often cousins marry each other, and the couple may barely know each other until the engagement is announced.

Samoan Wedding Traditions

The Samoan culture is all about friendship and family and there are few occasions for celebration which beat a wedding for getting all of those nearest and dearest together, which is why a wedding in Samoa is a truly big deal!

Norwegian Wedding Traditions

Norway is a beautiful country of snow-capped mountains and beautiful long narrow lakes known as fjords. There are few places more beautiful to hold a wedding.

Latvian weddings

Latvian weddings are divided into different parts. First is the formal part – the ceremony. The bride wears a white dress and a veil, the Groom is dressed in a tuxedo and the couple, in front of the God, vow to each other eternal love - forever and ever till death do us part.

Indonesian Wedding Tradition

An Indonesian wedding is a very important occasion. The bride and groom will send an invitation to anyone that they are acquainted with, which usually means there could be hundreds or even thousands of guests.

Wedding traditions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Woyo (Bahoyo, Bawoyo, Ngoyo) people live in Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) and in the Angolan Cabinda province. When the woman gets married her mother gives her a set of pot lids. These lids are carved with illustrations which represent proverbs describing relations in the marriage.

Cyprus Wedding Traditions

In Cyprus we have a variety of wedding traditional customs. Most Cypriots are Greek Orthodox, few of them are Catholic. When a couple becomes engaged the parents of the groom and the bride are gathering to the bride’s house and bless the couple over food and wine.