Wedding traditions of the different countries

Argentinian Wedding Traditions

Argentina is a great country of mixed heritage, influences and some vibrant and varied customs. One of the most dominant traditions when it comes to Argentinean weddings is the “handmade with love …” aspect of much of the planning. Whereas in many other cultures this might happen as a “green” or kitsch option, in Argentina it’s a very practical tradition as many of the items associated with weddings are extremely expensive there if “off the peg” or mass produced options are chosen.

Iraqi Wedding Traditions

Every wedding starts with the engagement, the guy see a girl, then if they like each other, he asks for her hand (in other words to get marry), she might be a relative, neighbor, cousin, they might be work mates, or students in the same collage etc. First he goes with his parents to hers, and tells them his desire to ask their daughter to get marry, (if the girl's father is dead, he should go to her eldest uncle).