The Culture of Holy See (Vatican City State)

The Culture of Holy See (Vatican City State)
The Vatican is home to priceless art. The Renaissance was very much alive in Florence, Italy; however artists were commissioned by the clergy and even the pope himself to make masterpieces for the Church. Architects as well like Bernini contributed so much to the rich culture and design of the Vatican.


For those who appreciate art and its history, the Vatican is home to plenty of priceless Renaissance art within its walls.

The fresco of the Last Supper by Michelangelo can be found at the altar of the Sistine Chapel. The painting depicts the levels of afterlife.

Hell is depicted to be a cruel and gruesome place filled with the horrors of pain and suffering. Heaven as usual is filled with the light of hope and salvation that Jesus brought with Him.

Another cultural treasure is the Pieta which is a sculpture also made by the great Michelangelo.

The artist focuses on the image of Mary holding her son Jesus after his death on the cross. We see the elegant drapery of the cloth, the relaxed body of Christ and the serenity of their faces.

It is emotion on marble, which is quite impossible to achieve but was brought to life by Michelangelo.

The whole Vatican is a World Heritage Site. Everything about it is priceless. Walking along its cobblestoned path takes you to a whole different time.

Each priceless artifact that is too delicate and fragile for viewing has been transferred to the Vatican Library and Museums.