Education and Study in Holy See (Vatican City State)

Education and Study in Holy See (Vatican City State)
If you are someone who is searching for knowledge about Catholicism, then the best place for you to learn is at the Vatican. The Vatican is the center of the Catholic faith, and of course higher learning of the Roman Catholic ways.


Plenty of clergy men have gone through the education that the Vatican offers for the completion of their major degrees in Roman Catholic education and teachings.

Aside from that, the clergy that do study Catholic education at the Vatican have been trained for positions that allow them to better understand the faith and spread the word of God.

It is here where all teachings are centered on Christ.

The Pontifical Gregorian University is located in Rome, Italy, but is accredited by the Pope.

The university was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola and specializes in the disciplines of the humanities and theology.

The Pontifical Lateran University is known as “The Pope’s University,” which is also under the accreditation of the Pope. The university holds sessions of Pope John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family which focuses on theological studies.

The university is located in Rome, Italy as well, but is exterritorial to the Vatican.

There are about 65 educational institutions around Rome that address papal education and learning.

What makes the Catholic education unique from any other is the fact that one is learning at center of the Catholic.

By just studying and learning at one of the Pontifical schools, it is as if St. Peter himself is teaching you the ways of the Catholic faith.