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Rivers And Lakes In Sweden


Sweden has 97.500 lakes larger than 2 acres, which add to the beauty of the varied Swedish landscape and provide a rich environment for Swedish wildlife.


Sweden is therefore not surprisingly famous for its fishing, especially the salmon and the salmon trout, even though a very large part of the fishing takes place along the coastline. Apart from lakes the country is cut by numerous large rivers on the West coast.

The largest lakes may be seen on the world map; Vänern, Vättern and Mälaren are very popular for swimming, sailing and other recreational activities from May to September when the temperatures reach an average of 18-20 C.

Normal water temperature is also about 18-20 C but during hot summers up to 24 C has been recorded.

There are streams from the three major lakes, i.e., Norrström from Mälaren, Motalaström from Vättern and Göta Älv from Vänern where boats can cross through.

The largest rivers are situated in Norrland with popular fishing.

Game fishing is also popular in the northern national parks such as Sonfjället, giving an opportunity to fish in crystal clear cold-water lakes.

The rivers Ätran, Viskan, Lagan, Nissan on the West Coast are famous for the rich salmon and the salmon trout fishing with traditions from many generations.

Dalsland is worth mentioning - full of bays and creeks, as well as channels, used often by canoeists.

Värmland is likewise famous for canoeing and kayaking as is Närke and Dalarna.

For those with a special interest in Rafts, then Klarälven is the most recommended, but rafting possibilities are provided at many local streams and also in other major rivers.