Valentine's Day in Sweden

Valentine's Day in Sweden
Sweden is a Nordic country on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. It is the third largest country in the European Union in terms of area and the fifth largest in Europe. The country is famous for its beautiful lakes such as Lake Vanern and Bolmen.Swedish music band once tuned the world music sense with the band `ABBA which formed in 1972.The nations which produced seven Nobel prize winners in Literature has a firm cultural identity in the world map, in ever sense. In this land of art, Valentines Day is obviously a grand festival day. Swedish celebrate the Valentines Day to honor the great saint Valentine who martyred for justifying the eternal feeling of love. Swedish people celebrate the Valentines Day on February 14th with true spirit of love.


Valentines Day Traditions In Sweden

Swedens Valentines Day celebrations are full of true romantic energy. On Valentines Day, Swedens lovers as well as married couple visit Stockholm which is the capital of Sweden. Stockholm is city where have great Valentine celebrations take place on the day. In Valentines Day, all the important cities of Sweden get decorated in a grand way. The parks and waterways get decorated with bright lights and valentine color banners on the day.Sweden have got a selection of very exotic flowers which vary from each other in shape, size and color. Flower shops offer these nice collections flower bouquets to the people on Valentines Day. Pastries, Rises, Jelly hearts are the important factors which make the gloss of Valentines day celebrations in Sweden.

The night parties are arranged in Swedens bars, night clubs and discotheques. They make arrangements for events that are related to Valentines Day and these events have gained much popularity among the youngsters of Sweden. Valentines Day is celebrated by Swedish lovers in many ways including having a romantic dinner in a nice restaurant, going to a club with live music, or enjoying the sunset from the beach. The craze of the day is deep rooted in Sweden from 1960s when flower shops owners see it as a great opportunity to sell their flowers. The growing American influence on the world is also another reason for the hectic Valentines Day celebrations in countries including Sweden. The youngsters are easily get thrilled by the valentines culture.

Valentines gift ideas of Swedish people are almost as the same as the American ideas. It includes the exchange of gift baskets, flower bouquets, candles and Spa visits. Youngsters are on a way to find new gift ideas to impress their valentine. They buy electronic gadgets such as Hi-fi mobile phones, Lap tops and IPods. Flowers being a pure symbol of divine love, people always get them on Valentines Day. The elite cult of Swedish valentines arranges their Valentines party on beach resorts and use to have night parties and dance with the help of Disc Jockey. Swedish people never miss opportunity provided by the Valentines Day for expressing their love towards their beloved.