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Scotland Culture


The rich Scotland culture has gone through many changes since the past years. Scotland was mostly inhabited by the Celtic decedents in the Scottish Highlands. Scots dominated the Southern part of the country. Mostly the Scots are smart and vigilant. There is some influence of the Nordic and Anglo Saxon people on the culture of Scotland.


The church going majority in Scotland are the members of the Scotland church.

The Scottish people always had a thirst for learning. Farmers called crofters live on the north western coastal region of Scotland. They live in houses built of pebbles and stones. Apart from farming the people are interested in forestry, cottage industries and road work.

The Highlands are famous for more than 100 clans and these groups of people are famous for sports and athletic shows. There are also some Bagpipers and Highland dancers.

The Scottish culture is very energetic.

The Edinburgh's International Festival of Music and Drama reflects the culture of Scotland. It is one of the biggest cultural events.

Most of the traditional practices in Scotland have died out but still some minority groups follow them. People now don’t believe in evil spirits.

Marriage is always a huge event in the culture of Scotland and it is celebrated with pomp and show.

'Hand fasting' was one of the most important customs of Scotland.

It was a custom in which if marriage did not happen between two people then they were allowed to get married somewhere else.

Scotland culture is very colorful.