Alcoholic Drinks in Macedonia


Macedonian wines rank among the best value and most drinkable wines available anywhere.


The Macedonian wineyards, especially the ones in Tikves valley area are characteristic by the exquisite grapes and even better masters for preparation of this strong alcoholic drink.

The lengthy ripening process concentrates the sugar and acids in the grapes, ensuring rich colours and complex aromas in our wines.

Rakija - Scotland has whiskey, Greece has metaxxa, while Macedonia has rakija.

Throughout Macedonia, people make their own rakija, which is similar to brandy, made by distillation of fermented fruits - a very strong alcoholic beverage that is typically 50 to 60%.

One version of rakija contains walnuts, altering its aroma and taste, and others plums - Slivova rakija.

Mastika is originally a liquor made from the resin of the mastic tree.

It is considered the national drink of the Republic of Macedonia containing 45% alcohol, has a hot taste not unlike that of brandy and is usually made from grapes, raisins, plums or figs.

It is usually poured over ice and enjoyed with Meze (selection of appetisers or small dishes).

BeerSkopsko today is a real trademark of Macedonia (4.9% pale lager introduced in 1924).

With a taste on which much bigger producers in the world would envy it, today it is a regional leader when we are talking about the taste and the quality. It is made of barley malt; unmalted cereals; hops; and brewers yeast.