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Iceland Sightseeing


Sightseeing in Iceland is a memorable experience with its plethora of tourist attractions. The places included in the list of items in Iceland Sightseeing boasts of many naturally beautiful ones. Iceland is inhabited only on the coastal parts so much of the attractions have retained their original characteristics.


Geysers-It is a geothermal area with a number of Hot Springs of which the Strokkur is the most famous.

Thingvellir-It is one of the most important places in the history of Iceland. It is in Thingvellir that the Parliament of Iceland Althing first met in AD 930.

Blue Lagoon-It is an amazing natural pool of seawater with an average temperature of 37-40C. The color of the water is blue-green due to the presence of algae.

Northern Lights-The dancing Northern Lights can often be observed in the sky of Iceland.
Reykjavik-The capital of Iceland Reykjavik is another place to visit in order to understand Icelandic culture.

Waterfalls-The two waterfalls that adorn Iceland are the Gullfoss Waterfalls and the Waterfall of the Gods in the Lake Myvatn Conservative area.

Volcanoes-There are around 30-40 active as well as hundreds of dormant volcanoes in Iceland. Mt.Hekta is one of the most famous sights.

Glaciers-A sightseeing trip to Iceland would not be complete without a visit to the glaciers of which the most famous is the Vatnajokull glacier.