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Iceland - Administrative Division


Iceland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean just south of the Arctic Circle, which passes through the small island of Grimsey off Iceland's northern coast, but not through mainland Iceland. Unlike neighbouring Greenland, Iceland is considered to be a part of Europe, not a part of North America. The island is the world's 18th largest island.


Iceland - Municipalities

There are 101 municipalities in Iceland which govern most local matters like schools, transportation and zoning.

Iceland - Counties

Iceland's 23 counties are for the most part historical divisions. Currently, Iceland is split up between 26 magistrates that represent government in various capacities. Among their duties are local police (except in Reykjavík, where there is a special office of police commissioner) tax collection, declaring bankruptcy and marrying people outside of the church.

Iceland - Regions

There are eight regions which are primarily used for statistical purposes; the district court jurisdictions also use an older version of this division.

Iceland - Constituencies

Until 2003, the constituencies for the parliament elections were the same as the regions, but by an amendment to the constitution they were changed to the current six constituencies.

The change was made in order to balance the weight of different districts of the country since a vote cast in the sparsely populated areas around the country would count much more than a vote cast in the Reykjavík city area. The imbalance between districts has been reduced by the new system, but still exists.