Valentine's Day in Greece


Greece is the Cultural Capital of the world. The ancient culture of Greece influenced today's so called `pop culture' in every way possible. Hollywood still makes movies on the great heroes of Greece which range from Gladiator to Troy. Greece is the land of Aphrodite, Goddess of love, lust and beauty. Thus, the air of Greece naturally has romance in it. The ancient belief of Greece is that Cupid, the son of Aphrodite causes the emotion of love between two people. Cupid plays a big role to make one couple fall in love. The symbol of Cupid is that a small mischievous winged child whose arrow pierces the heart. Valentine's Day in Greece is traditionally celebrated with style and splendor and young men still consider this day to propose girls or get married.


The way of celebrating Valentine's Day in Greece is much changed now, by giving up the ancient traditions and customs. The elegant Greek heritage, sheer romance of their culture, and the colossal dignity offers a classical dimension to the celebration of Valentine Day celebrations. This day is considered as the time to forget and forgive, in Greece. There is an epic tale in Greece that, it is in the ancient Greek, the Valentine's Day first made its presence as a particular date to celebrate the sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera. Following this myth, Greek people started celebrated the Valentine's Day with much gloss and gaiety. In Greek mythology, Zeus is famous for his infidelities, even though Greek people revere the union of their king god and the Queen.

Valentine's Day Traditions in Greece

Young men and women spend the Valentine's Day in each other company, sipping the taste of sheer romance. Women everywhere are the same. They are so kind and emotional beings that they still get excited when they see a red rose bouquet. The case is not different in Greece too. Men gift women mostly flower bouquets, chocolate candies, soft toys and diamond and platinum chains as Valentine's Day gifts. Perfumes are also in high demand in a `Valentines' day because women like to smell fresh. Greek men think that these perfumes will sing the hymns of their love to their beloved. With the influence of American pop culture over the world, the Valentine's gift concepts are changed so much in Greece.

Even though Greek men consider the Valentine's Day as a day to pamper their sweethearts, they also accepts the gifts from their lovers. Men prefer things which is quite useful than being so romantic. They like to get gifts such as electronic gadgets, books, watches. This tendency can't be called as Greek men's materialistic attitude towards life because men get satisfaction even if their lover arranges a romantic dinner in a nearby restaurant or given a ticket for a movie. Women, on the other hand, prefer to receive accessories such as designer shoes, watches, jackets bags as a Valentine's Day gift.

Women present things like perfumes, Goggles, or bracelets to their men on Greek Valentine' day. Gift basket is a kind of gift which everybody loves, on a Valentine's day. In Greece, people make homemade chocolate cookies put it a gift basket with umpteen number of gift cards and photo collage. Kids present them to their teachers while parents present them to their kids. Youngsters make love maps, photo collages on a Valentine's Day. Greek couples also believe in making a trip to a spa or watching a movie on the Valentine's Day. Candle light dinners also have high demand on Valentine's Day in Greece.