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Easter traditions in Finland

Easter traditions in Finland
Easter in Finland is traditionally celebrated with easter-egg hunts for the children, and many Finns go to church on Easter Sunday. The eggs (hard-boiled, chocolate or candy eggs) are hidden in a yard or garden by parents. Then, the children are sent outside and can keep whatever Easter goodies they find.

"Pääsiäinen" means Easter in Finnish.


You will find that Easter decorations in Finland show lots of colored eggs and yellow flowers (e.g. daffodils). Some Finnish families sow grass in small pots before Easter, and put eggs in them when the grass has grown.

Another Easter tradition in Finland you might see is children walking between houses, handing out twigs or decorations, asking for a few coins in exchange.

Traditional Easter food in Finland can be ham, poultry, or lamb. Note that during the public holidays for Easter in Finland, many businesses remain closed.