How Does Finland Enjoy Coffee?


As you travel the world in your quest for the perfect cup of Joe, you may be so inclined to stop in Finland. In general, Finland has many different sites to see, with a land full of forests, lakes, and small farms. There are also more urban areas, depending upon where you travel, which may have you wondering where you will find a premium of cup of Joe when you do?


As it turns out, Finland is one of the biggest coffee consuming countries in the world, which is actually good for your health. In a study on Finland coffee drinkers, they saw benefits from drinking up to 8 cups on a daily basis.

Coffee is full of antioxidants and can balance insulin levels in the body to reduce the risk of type II diabetes. Even more so, smokers in Finland who drank up to 8 cups of coffee a day had a 23% less risk for the common stroke. The regular coffee consumption in Finland averages at 5.7 cups per day, which is a highly impressive number!

We may all be familiar with the fact that the United States has a popular coffee market, as does Canada.

However, Finland truly takes the cake by consuming the most coffee per capita on a yearly basis, directly followed by Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

This coffee consumption increased even more so when it surpassed the traditional custom of drinking tea passed on by the United Kingdom.

Coffee is often used as a form of socializing and entertainment, especially since it can be served with pastries or cake as an afternoon snack or dessert accompaniment.

Traditional coffee enjoyed in Finland is lightly roasted, and it is normally drip brewed. A lighter roasted coffee has a benefit over a darker roasted coffee in that it is easier to taste many of the different flavors and characteristics from the coffee growing region.

Coffee in Finland tastes much different than other coffee types in Europe, which are normally dark roasted. The French roast from France is one of the darkest roasts available, offering a smoky or charcoal taste. Coffee in the United States is normally enjoyed medium roasted, and many times, it is brewed very weakly in comparison.

Within the coffee shops of Finland, you can also find many choices in tea, as well as Yerba Mate from South America for variety.

Overall, these coffee houses support the national drink of coffee that is celebrated by Finland for both urban and rural areas.

Several centuries ago, coffee was an expensive import only enjoyed by aristocracy, but nowadays, it caters to all walks of life. This is often seen in the "Finnish coffee ceremony", which is a ritual of coffee service enjoyed with delicate pastries.

If you are hoping to expand your coffee enjoyment and try something different, why not enjoy Java in Finland?

Since Finland is the largest coffee drinking country in the world, they must be on to something when it comes to preparing a delicious cup of Joe!