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Rivers and Lakes in Croatia


Croatia's rivers belong to the Adriatic and the Black Sea basin. The rivers in the interior are large and calmer (Sava, Drava, Danube).


The coastal rivers are shorter and have a higher gradient. The longest coastal rivers are the Mirna and the Rasa in Istria and the Zrmanja, the Krka and the Cetina in Dalmatia.

Karst streams running partly underground prevail in Lika.

Croatia has no large lakes (the largest, Vrana, near Biograd has an area of 30

The most atractive are the Plitvice Lakes (a chain of 16 lakes with the river Korana as the effluent), the Red and Blue Lakes near Imotski (unique karst phenomena), freshwater lake Vrana, a cryptodepression on the island of Cres and lake Prokljan (along the Krka river near Sibenik).

The best know man-made lakes are Lokve and Bajer in Gorski Kotar, Trakoscan in Hrvatsko Zagorje and Peruca along the river Cetina in Dalmatia.

Lake Kopacevo and the surrounding swamp forests in Baranja are a major hatching ground and bird habitat.