Cultural features of Croatia

Croatian culture is just like the country of Croatia - beautiful, varied, and established in proud traditions. Explore Croatian culture and all it has to offer. Whether you're getting in touch with Croatian roots, satiating a personal curiosity, or traveling to Croatia, you'll gain something special by learning more about Croatian culture.


Currency in Croatia

The unit of currency in Croatia is the Croatian kuna, which was introduced to the newly independent country in 1994, replacing the Yugoslav dinar at a rate of 1 kuna for 1000 dinar. Kuna literally means 'marten', a throwback to earlier times when the currency of the region was animal skins and marten pelts were considered valuable. One kuna is sub-divided into 100 lipa (which means linden tree).


New Year in Croatia

New Year is celebrated here on the eve of 31st December and on 1st of January every year in many countries of the world. New Year is celebrated to say good bye to the previous year and welcome the coming year. This day is quite famous throughout the world. People from all castes and creed come together to celebrate this day.