Croatian Wine

Wine in Croatia has a long, long history. It was the Greek settlers who first introduced vineyards to the Croatian coast in the 5th century BC and wine production has flourished ever since. During the Homeland War, many wineries and vineyards were destroyed but the winemaking industry has rushed back.


Administrative divisions of Croatia

The subdivisions of Croatia on the first level are the 20 counties (županija, pl. županije) and one city-county (grad, "city"). On the second level these are municipalities (općina, pl. općine) and towns (also named grad, pl. gradovi).Both of these type of subdivisions consist of settlements(naselje, pl. naselja). The 1st- and 2nd-level subdivisions are self-governed, while naselja are used mainly for statistical purposes, though they can also institute one or more levels of self-government, typically in cities.


The Education System in Croatia

Children as young as one year old can be enrolled in the kindergartens though this is not compulsory. Most of the 450 kindergartens are state run and integrated with primary schools and some are privately run.