The drinks in Vietnam


Several foreign beers are brewed under licence in Vietnam, but good local brews include 333 (Ba Ba Ba) and Bivina.


Bia hoi ("fresh" or draught beer) is served warm from the keg and then poured over ice. Its quality varies, but it's unadulterated with chemicals.

Bia hoi has a 24-hour shelf life, which means the better places sell out by early evening.

There are dozens of bia hoi outlets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, ranging from a few ankle-high stools gathered round a barrel on the pavement to beer gardens; most offer snacks of some sort.

The stronger, pricier bia tuoi comes in a light or dark brew and is served from pressurized barrels.

The most common local wine is rice alcohol ; the ethnic minorities drink stem alcohol (ruou can).

Gecko wine

Gecko wineVisitors, who come to Cao Bang, will all like gecko wine.

Gecko wine helps tendons and bones, vigor strengthening, cure for arthritis, strained nerves, etc.

Tap Na alcohol is a traditional product of Thong Nong district.

It is cooked from local maize, which is grown in terrace field and has yellow seeds. Maize is boiled to a pulp, kept with yeast, which is specially made by local people.

After being distilled, they have a famous alcohol. Just opening the bottle, Tap Na alcohol is immediately identified by a charming fragrance smelling. Those, who have ever taste it one time, will never forget it.

Fermented glutinous rice of Hoanh Bo

This alcohol is processed from special kind of glutinous rice, a specialty of Hoanh Bo.

It is not pounded, but boiled and then fermented. After achieving a degree of ripeness, it is soaked with certain forest leaves, becoming alcohol.

It has both a sweet and sour taste, excites the appetite and is a good refreshing drink, especially during the summer.

Another strong point is that, according to locals, if you get drunk off of it you'll wake up the next morning without a hangover and want to drink more.

Ngan alcohol of HaLong

Boiled Ngan or roasted Ngan are very delicious foods but Ngan alcohol is sweet-scented, with a slight odour of the sea.

It is often taken with dishes of steamed shrimp, clams, grilled fish or any seafood.