Wedding in Mongolia


There are 2 kinds of important wedding ceremonies in Mongolia. One of them is the traditional wedding ceremony.


Then couple wears traditional clothes called "Del". The Del is made from cotton and silk with patterns. The groom wears dark colored Del and the bride's is lighter.

Another one kind of the wedding ceremony is the modern wedding ceremony.

The groom dresses dark colored suit and the bride swears white colored gown. The weddings are celebrated in the restaurants, the wedding palace and at the homes. The groom's party almost pays the most of total finances for the wedding.

The couple doesn't say wedding vows at the wedding ceremony. The groom's father says congratulations to the couple and after the congratulations the bride's father says the speech.

The guests give to couple some presents, furniture, child's toys and money in the envelope. The groom's father or the special man chosen by the groom's father leads the wedding ceremony. There are songs, dances, jokes, meals, drinks at the wedding.

The wedding usually continues for only 1 day in the cities. But, in the countrysides, it often continues for 3-4 days. The bride doesn't use the groom's name. The weddings are unforgetable ceremonies for couples in Mongolia.