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Population of Kuwait


Kuwait Population refers to the total number of inhabitants of Kuwait. According to the estimation made on December 2006, the population of Kuwait was 3,182,960.


Important Facts about Kuwait 


One interesting feature to note about the population of Kuwait is that the majority of the population comprises foreigners who have come from different parts of the world and have settled in Kuwait. In fact, more that 60% of the total population of Kuwait is made up of foreign inhabitants. 

There are a number of factors that have resulted in the increase of foreigners in the Kuwait population. Some of the basic reasons are explained below:

The local population of Kuwait remained low

Limited availability of indigenous women workers

With the achievement of greater economical development in Kuwait, the availability of lucrative jobs increased, which attracted larger number of foreigners.

Population of Kuwait

Majority of the nationals of Kuwait are Arab by their origin, which can again be divided into Shias and Sunnis. 

Christians, Jews, Hindu and Bidoons are some of the other tribes that form a minority of the population in Kuwait. 

The Population growth rate of Kuwait is 3.44 / 1000 person. The annual birth rate of Kuwait is 21.88% while the annual death rate is 2.42 deaths/1000 persons.