Kuwaiti Beverages

Kuwaiti Beverages
Since Kuwait is a Muslim country, therefore you will not find any alcoholic drinks in the Kuwaiti cuisine.


Nevertheless some of the traditional Kuwait beverages and drinks are quite unique in flavor. Mostly the beverages are made from fresh fruits and vegetables, which make them extremely nutritious. The traditional coffee and various kinds of teas such as the green tea and other herbal teas are very popular among the locals in Kuwait

There are different types of beverages for different seasons. 

In the summer time you are most likely to find cool sugar cane juices and a lot of other fruit mixed with vegetable beverages. Most of these beverages are very sweet; you might need to add some salt and a pinch of black grounded pepper to make your beverage even more savory.

In the winter time, traditional coffee and a huge variety of different kinds of teas are served. It is very common to see that most of the Kuwaiti beverages are served along side with the traditional Kuwaiti snacks. 

The preparation of the Kuwaiti beverages that you will find in the cuisine of Kuwait is not tedious to make. They are easy to make and a delight to serve and have at the same time.