Climate of Kuwait

Climate of Kuwait
Kuwait has four seasons, Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring, each explained in detail below:



The summer months are June, July, August and part of September. These months are mostly dry, HOT and dusty! Temperatures exceeding 48c, dust lasting for over a week, all in summer.

The season "bawarih" starts June 1st and ends July 25th bringing strong winds and heavy duststorms that could last for days, day & night.

After the 25th of July, temperatures reach 50c for a week or two with dry air. The humidity starts after mid August and September where it could exceed 90%. Temperatures start to decrease to an average high of 45c by the end of August, 43c for the 1st half of September and 40c/39c by the end of September.


The Autumn months are October and November. Temperatures start to decrease to the lower 30s throughout October and the upper 20s to the mid 20s in November.

Kuwait could have one or two passing thunderstorms by the end of October, however, November is the month where Kuwait witnisses pretty heavy thunderstorms associated with hail. The air freshens up after these thunderstorms. Also, it will be cooler.


The Winter months are December, January, february and part of March. During these months Kuwait has a variety of weather patterns.

One day it could be just partly cloudy and cold, or cloudy for days without the sun, or it could be raining constantly for days, also, it could be sunny with the fresh cold air! All in one!

Fog could affect Kuwait during the winter months, the visibility is vanished at times due to the fog.

Temperatures could decrease to as low as 0c at night especially at the desert areas where it could be -1c for a couple of days. Frosts are slightly rare but are possible in Northern Kuwait.

High temperatures range from 10c-19c. The average winter rainfall in Kuwait is 320mm which is quite alot compared to the other gulf states.


Spring is a very tricky seoson! Spring months are part of March, April and May. During the spring months in Kuwait you could get up with a beautiful sunny and peacefull day.

As the afternoon goes on clouds start to build up from nowhere bringing fierce thunderstorms by the evening! Kuwait has got affected by these thunderstorms in the past.

These thunderstorms are associated with strong winds, fierce lightning, heavy rain and hail! They are also associated with dust at times.

This seoson is called the "sarayat" seoson. It is also a warm season with temperatures in the upper 20s to the mid 30s.