Geography of Kuwait

Kuwait, or State of Kuwait, an independent Arab sheikhdom on the Arabian Peninsula, in southwestern Asia. It lies at the head of the Persian Gulf and is bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kuwait's area is 6,880 square miles (17,818 km 2 ).


Kuwait City is the capital of Kuwait.

Kuwait City (Arabic: مدينة الكويت, translation: Madīnat al-Kuwayt) is the capital and largest city of Kuwait.

It has a population of 2.38 million in the metropolitan area. Located at the heart of the country on the shore of the Persian Gulf, and containing Kuwait's parliament (Majlis Al-Umma), most governmental offices, the headquarters of most Kuwaiti corporations and banks, it is the political, cultural and economic center of the emirate.


Kuwaiti Beverages

Since Kuwait is a Muslim country, therefore you will not find any alcoholic drinks in the Kuwaiti cuisine.