East Timor Weather

East Timor Weather
Weather plays an important role in the economy of a country. East Timor weather too plays a similar role. The country is located in 08° 35' S and 125° 35' E.


This position tells us a lot about the East Timor weather. It clearly shows that the climate here is hot.

Monsoon rain falls here between December and March. When the rainy season is over, the temperature rises dramatically. The humidity, therefore, increases as well.

When we look at the land form and vegetation of East Timor, we can clearly understand how the weather and temperature affects the country.

The land is basically mountainous, surrounded by a flat plain that suddenly rise into the mountains in the center of the country.

There are a few rivers in the country which proves that there is enough rainfall in East Timor every year.

But as the country is very close to Equator, we find tropical climate here throughout the year.

There is also heavy rainfall in this country. The average temperature of the place is 30° to 34° C. The highest recorded temperature is around 35° C and the lowest is 20°C.

The months of October, November and December are the hottest. But this scorching hot temperature is followed by a heavy rainfall from the month of December.

The southern part of the country is full of mountains. These are covered with Acacia and Eucalyptus forest.

It is noteworthy that the East Timor weather is just opposite to the Northern Hemisphere.

The best time to go to East Timor is between May and December.

This country is slowly getting the attention of the tourists from all over the world and they should keep this East Timor weather in mind to enjoy a hassle fee tour.